Everett, WA | Windshield Repair

Need your windshield replaced or repaired in Everett, WA? Come to Auto Concepts Northwest where we offer an array of services for your vehicle to keep it in mint condition!

At Auto Concepts Northwest in Everett, we provide many quality services, including windshield repair, to keep your vehicle in the best condition it can be in. We are the Solution to your dreams! ACN turns your auto dreams into a reality. All of our Solutions have been developed over the years to help address the special needs of the Northwest driver and dreamer.

Glass Replacement (Starting at $199.95 for most vehicles) :
Some kinds of glass cannot be fixed as they are too fragile. In such cases, we replace the entire glass, be it your windshield, door glass or quarter glass. A glass with any flaw in it can impair the driver’s vision and have adverse consequences. It is an important part of your car’s structure and is there for your safety. Make sure it’s always intact.

Rock chip repairs :
A small crack in your windshield will not remain so always. It may look insignificant and not worthy of your worries today but chances are, in the long run it will grow into a potential problem and cost you a lot of money. With ACN’s Rock Chip repair services, you can nip this problem in the bud. Our rock chip repair services can repair cracks upto the length of a dollar bill. This preventive measure can save you a lot of money and time later on. Prices are as listed below:

  • $45 for one window rock chip repair
  • $65 for two window rock chip repairs
  • $75 for three or more rock chip repairs

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